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We Are Cyborgs

26 Dec 2008

We have reached a point where it is taken for granted that the internet is the most important invention of our lifetimes. Particularly for those of us who were born after the invention of the atomic bomb. Given the importance of the net it is also of great import that we keep a close eye on our rights online, the ability (or perhaps more accurately, frightening inability) of lawmakers to keep up with rapidly changing technology and how culture is expressed online. And also to have many sites to share our thoughts and engage in discussions about the internet and our relationship to it. vader When thinking about our relationships to technology it could be said, and I would argue said accurately, that we are cyborgs. Beings that are both part human and part machine (if you disagree allow me to ask how you felt the last time you lost your cellular phone?). I am not the first to present this idea in one form or another, I am only here to urge us all to take it seriously and to hopefully create a community where these issues can be discussed at length. With this blog I intend to highlight and comment on digital rights issues, expressions of digital culture and our relationships to our gadgets. In addition to having a great topic I have some great future plans including unveiling my own cyborgy blog design. And as a teaser to the design I'm working on, here's the logo: wearecyborgs logo