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The One Where I was a Poet

19 Jan 2021

My friend Jemima Foxtrot is a brilliant poet and I did a workshop with her on writing happiness where I wrote this poem I ended up liking a lot.

Fish Tacos

Imagine making the error
Of putting up on the cross
To die
Three delicious fish tacos
Tilapia slathered in salsa verde

Holy guacamole
Not Jesus per se but
How ridiculous, just eat the damn things
Let the salty joy be with you

A bit of onion
Pico de gallo
Tickle my palette
Sour cream?
It speaks out "only in your dream"

A bit of spice would be so nice
Take me to your grill
More sodium chloride
Take me on a ride

Do me a favor
A tinge of smokey flavor
Maillard reaction
The dopest action

Heat up a corn tortilla
Everyone wants to be ya
Fish tacos
Who wouldn't want those?